March 18

Professional Cleaning Services

Keeping a house clean requires lots of time and energy. It has to be done regularly. Many people prefer to do special cleaning once a year and get their tough to reach areas cleaned. It would not cost much since all the other areas are regularly maintained well. Discover More on about cleaning services. There are very professional house cleaners whom you can trust and leave your house in their hands. They will make it look like a brand new place.

Which is best: Professional or Independent?
Some independent cleaners are hired illegally without paying any taxes. If they get injured while cleaning your house, have you ever thought who has to pay the hospital bills? In the case of professional service companies, you will not have to face this problem. These cleaners are always bonded and insured. You can be sure you are safe with them. Even criminal background checks are done on cleaning professionals.

Is there a contract?
There is no need for you to sign a contract as you can opt out of our services if you find it hard to allot time or if you are not ready for it.

Most services provide 100% guarantee within 48 hours of service. You can call them and get them to clean the areas that are not up to satisfaction. Even after that if it is still not satisfactory they will refund your money back.

No need to be home during cleaning
Professional cleaners get full training on how to enter a house even if you are not available. Since background checks are conducted on them, the trust factor is always on a high note.

Cleaning schedule
You can choose and pick the day and time as per your convenience. Clients can choose weekly, twice a week or monthly services according to their convenience. Clients will be given a 24-hour notice in rare instances such as snow or a special holiday, where there should be a reschedule.

Payment for cleaning services
You can pay by cash, credit cards, and checks. Once the job is satisfactorily completed, you can make the payment. A small tip of five to fifteen % is always welcome but not compulsory.

Cleaning equipment
Every time while going to clean a house new cleaning supplies are used so that your house doesn’t get pet dander or germs from another house. You can ask them to use your own cleaning products at your own risk if you do not prefer theirs.

Damages during cleaning
If the cleaning technician is at fault the insurance company will replace, repair or reimburse after inspecting the broken article. Other valuable or fragile items should be kept in a safer place where there won’t be cleaning done.

Mini-blind cleaning
Only dusting will be done on mini blinds since rough and tough cleaning would crumble or snap them as they are too fragile.

Adding extra tasks
It won’t be a problem if you need to add extra tasks on the schedule. Just inform one day before and make a request. You will need to pay extra depending on the task that has to be done.


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