May 12

A Guide To Wheelbarrows For Beginners – What & Why


When it comes to looking for a gardening tool that can take the burden off your back, there is nothing better than a wheelbarrow. For every home or business that is serious about gardening, a wheelbarrow is a vital tool. For the best rated wheelbarrows take a look at the Full List Here. For why a wheelbarrow makes for essential equipment, read on.

Basically, a wheelbarrow is a moving a bench that comes in handy while planting new blooms or weeding your lawn. It can be used to carry supplies, tools, debris and even compost to and fro while maintaining a garden. Instead of collecting sticks and stones and then getting up to throw them in a corner, when cleaning a yard, one can merely chuck them into the wheelbarrow. Similarly, during planting season instead of taking few seeds at a time from the shed, sowing them & then going back to get more, one can simply pile up everything in the wheelbarrow in one go.

From a hoe to a trowel to seeds or fruits and vegetables during harvest time, a wheelbarrow can hold a considerable amount of stuff. They save you time by reducing the number of trips you need to take to manicure a lawn or plant a garden. So, what is this almost magical tool made of? In most cases, a wheelbarrow is made of either steel or very heavy duty plastic. It has a single wheel at the front. The middle is a large hollow meant to carry supplies. The end of the tool has two handles that can be used to move the wheelbarrow back and forth.
The simple design ensures that moving the barrow is smooth and effortless. One just has to grip the handles on both sides, lift the back end a little bit and then push forth. Even antique wheelbarrows, which were built out of wood, had the same design. What differs between models of the gardening tool is the weight. Each wheelbarrow comes with a different weight limit, hence with varying durability. For example, for home gardening, a wheelbarrow that has a three hundred pound capacity is a useful tool. If your lawn is even smaller, then a 250-pound capacity wheelbarrow will also work.

For those who live in apartments or shared townhouses, a wheelbarrow that can collapse and be stored in a small place is the best option. These barrows will be even tinier and capable of carrying minimal loads. These are generally made of plastic and have a maximum capacity of 200 pounds. Constant use would require the owner to change the wheelbarrow within a few years. It is for this reason a good steel wheelbarrow is considered the better choice. They have rubber wheels with a very durable body. If they are maintained well, they can last for many years.

A quality steel barrow is costlier than a simple plastic one. But in the long run, they are a better investment for homes with a good acreage dedicated to gardening.

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